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The Worth of Words and Actions

I want you to have the right mind set before going into reading this post so please understand that these questions are not correlated to any certain relationship. They are all encompassing in one’s life.

scale1How can the words and actions of one person mean more then from another? I honestly have no idea, but I know that they do. Who determines that worth? I understand that I do, but how is that worth determined? Is the impact stronger when you are going thru certain trials and how is it determined. Who would have more meaning within that time? Yes, the impact is stronger when you are going thru hardships, but as far as the worth or meaning of that worth keep reading below.

Could it be other people that have gone thru those same trials, and are giving you advice? You would think, but yet I still find that sometimes people that have not even gone thru the same issues, as myself, can mean more. Is it, right place – right time, or the right circumstances? To a certain extent, perhaps. I have had trials, and long after that trial has passed, someone will say something to me that means more then what was said to me while the trial was happening. What makes a person, an influential person, in another persons life? Is it because they idolize that other person? Is it because they put them on a pedestal? For me I do not idolize anyone. For me, an influential person in my life would be someone who speak truths into my life, in a loving and caring manner. How can a total stranger’s words and actions mean the world? I would guess the answer to be… it is different for every person, but I still do not totally understand the why. I believe the stranger has to be the hand of GOD in times where you are so in need, and at your wits end. He reaches out to help you. Sometimes it takes a total stranger for me to really get it. As far as the other person/persons, I believe it’s that they legitimately understand and accept you.

My conclusion in my life would be… that person/persons just “GET’S YOU”. The real striped down, not some fake impression, you. They get you like no one else does. They have invested in you, the real you, and they understand you. You feel safe and loved by them. Additionally, on the down side, why you would feel so devastatingly hurt by them? Wouldn’t that be why we have friends and best friends? Friends and acquaintances, etc. It would make since. Otherwise, why would we put more value on one relationship, and not another. It’s weird though, because what happens if that other person does not place that same value back? I wonder? I know that would end very hard and with hurt feelings. I have been thinking about these questions a lot lately. Oh, The toiled web of relationships and how they work. Mind blowing in the least. May GOD guide me on my relationship ventures, protecting me from those that are out to do me harm, and guide me towards those that sincerely accept and love me.


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