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What’s This World Coming To?

These are my view points on a couple of top news stories.

Image from quazoo.com

Image from quazoo.com

There have been many instances in the headlines today about people that have done wrong. They have had to be held accountable for their actions, and they have not liked it, resulting in terrible circumstances. Two examples that come to mind are the Ferguson and Colorado cases. Did these cases really have anything to do with race? The people in Ferguson sure made it out to be. Bottom line, No, plain and simple, they are about entitlement. I’m not sure where people today, get the impression that they are entitled to anything, especially when it’s not theirs, but they do. Guess what people? What you are entitled to do, is hard work! Get off your butt’s, and work to provide your own luxuries instead of stealing others. Seriously, WHAT THE HECK! Let’s get one thing straight before we dive a little more into this. Police are here to protect and serve us, and they have the RIGHT to protect themselves from harm just as we do. They put their lives on the line every day for the safety and security of us. I’m sure if we, as citizens, would not like that convenience and luxury, those officers would rather be home with their families safe and sound. Oh, what? You DO want that protection, especially at three A.M., when an armed assailant breaks into your house and is trying to attack you and rob from you. Then GET OVER IT! You want the police to protect you, but then when they do, you turn around and chastise them for it. REALLY! Yes, there are “Dirty Cops”. In every occupation, there is good and bad, but over all most of them care a great deal about the safety of the people they serve. It seems like what is happening is, somehow good has now become evil and evil, good. It just perplexes me how people think that they can commit a crime, of any sort, and feel that it’s OK. I deserve this, I want that. UNBELEIVABLE! I do also understand, that there are people that make mistakes sometimes and are very remorseful for those mistakes. I am not referring to those. Yes, the bible states that in the “End Times” good will become evil and evil will become good and I totally believe that this will happen. Is that time now? That is not for me to determine. I do not know GOD’s plan, but I can tell you that I can see evidence to the start of that effect right now.

I believe that this line of thinking is coming from two sources. One, media, all types of media, which is resulting in the desensitization of everyone. I will continue more on this topic in another post. Two, the parents. Most parents today are raising their child in the thinking, that they are entitled to everything, without having to work for it. The government is not helping. In fact, they are feeding into that thinking with all of the welfare and funding programs that they are “giving” to people. Man, really! I’m so glad that my hard earned tax paying dollars are going to such a good cause. No, I’m not really. I know and do understand that there are legitimate people and families out there that really and truly need these services, and that I believe, is why these services should be available to them, for a short amount of time.

Then it comes down to, who do I or anyone else determine is truly in need. Well for starters, do they have cable, a cell phone, cars, etc? “What, how will they get around without a car or how will they get by without a cell phone?” Honestly, GOD gave people feet for a reason. No, it’s not to just walk to the refrigerator or the bathroom. Get off your crack and Use them! You might have to walk a mile or so, oh darn. As a nice added bonus, you can then save on that gym membership because your getting it for FREE, by walking to work. Oh happy day! I know many many people who are not able to get by working one job. So guess what? They are working two or three. We as humans were never meant to sit around and do nothing almost every day. We were meant to have one, yep count it, one day of rest.

A little from my own experiences in life; I know that my son has had struggles with this thinking, and I’m right there to lovingly let him know that, “honey, what your entitled to is a hard working job”. Whether that’s sitting at a computer desk, stocking shelves, making pizzas, or digging dirt, your entitled to get your butt out there and work son. Earn what it is that you are seeking.



  1. I agree, Solomon,who was so rich he didn’t have to work said “So I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to Find satisfaction in work. Then I realized these pleasures are from the Lord.” Ecclesiastes 2:24

  2. I loved this! You made me laugh so hard. Love you Mandy!

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