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What’s my Temp?

I love the warm.


Image from qctimes.com

Image from qctimes.com

For me my ideal temperature is the upper seventies and eighties anything below that and I’m out. Once you get into the nineties and above though, that gets too hot and uncomfortable and that’s not enjoyable either. You start to cook yourself. No thank you! Don’t get me wrong, on those days when the huge snow flakes are swirling around in the air, I enjoy looking at them and they are absolutely beautiful, but I HATE the cold. It is not for me. I am the kind that would sit in the house by the fire with at least one huge warm blanket and like six layers of clothes on the days that it is so cold, BRRR! Not for me. I also really enjoy the rain. I do not like the humidity, but love the rain. It is so calming. So soothing. My absolute favorite days are when it’s in the eighties with a thunder storm. I love thunderstorms and summer weather. So recharging, so refreshing. Letting go, being free and dancing in the rain. I just sit back and marvel at the spectacular beauty that GOD has created on those days. Simply amazing! LOVE IT!


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