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What it means to be a woman

The inner struggles we women have for outer beauty.

u10797018It’s not easy being a woman. Trying to fit all the stereotypes of being like a barbie. Having to be perfect. No acne, a certain figure shape, wonderful hair and nails, the best clothes and accessories, making sure there is no hair in certain areas and hair in others, intelligent, funny, creative, a great wife, a wonderful mother, great at business, ect… The list can go on and -on. The fact of the matter remains, it’s exhausting being a woman, and when your married that expectation does not go away.

I know for me, my whole life has been trying to appease others. To look the way they want me to look. To act the way they say is right. To be someone I am not. This year, yeah it took a long time, I have decided it is time to be me and let the chips fall where they may as far as relationships. It was past time to let go of trying to be someone that was not truly me. I was in there and I just needed to let her out. Even when you go out to eat with people, they expect you to eat what they are eating. Ladies, you understand. It’s like, because they are eating the fries and such, I need to eat those, or because someone else is eating a salad, I need to eat that. The reason for this is people do not like to feel guilty for their choices. For heavens sake, back off and eat what you want. If you want that bowl of spaghetti instead of a salad, Eat it! If you want those brownies instead of the carrots, eat them! It’s your choice! You do have an obligation to take care of your body, but ultimately it still comes down to your choice.

My style is different then others and I’m OK with that. I have acne and that does not make me less attractive then someone who does not have acne. I don’t have perfect hair or the perfect color of hair. Oh no! I’ll get over it. I have curves in places where I don’t need them and need bigger curves in other places. I have the ability to work on some of that. No, I’m not going to rush out and get plastic surgery. I need to be me, defects and all. I strive to be the person I want to be. GOD made me perfectly. He designed me and I need to rest in that. I’m not a model or movie star but, I am beautiful to GOD & my husband.


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