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What is Modesty?

Who Determines What Modesty is?


Image from shock777.deviantart.com

Image from shock777.deviantart.com

It’s been awhile since I posted. Life has been crazy! Quick update! As announced via our Facebook page we are starting a youtube channel, which will give our family a way of vlogging. Super Fun! It is guaranteed to be un-perfect, crazy, at times stupid, at other times offensive, and still at other times you will find yourself laughing your pants off. We are on the cusp of the pilot. Yeah!!! The intro has already been launched. You can check it out at “It’s The White Time” via youtube.com or just click here

What’s on your mind Mandy?

I was talking with my someone the other day and one of the topics of conversation was modesty over a swim suit that she had purchased to wear to a water park that we are all going to this summer. She was asking me if I thought it would be ok. Ok, in terms of modesty as a Christian woman.

Quick background on me. For about 25 years I lived as most other people live, as a person who tries to fit into society, and clothes were no exception to that. Modesty was never even a thought on my mind. Most of my friends’ thoughts, as well as mine, was the lesser the better. Lesser clothes equals more attention, right. Isn’t that the goal ladies?! At the age of 25 I met my husband who taught me about Jesus and the Bible. Very soon after that I accepted Jesus into my heart and wanted to live as I believed he called me to live. That’s the key word right there, I, meaning myself, thought God called everyone to live the same way. I had a hard time factoring that God calls each person differently, into my newly Christian life, as I thought that my interpretation of modesty was supposed to be every other Christian’s interpretation. Yeah, no! I would think and proceed to tell people what was and was not appropriate, judging them and condemning them for their choices. What it comes down to is your personal relationship with God. If you truly have that relationship with him and you really want to live how he asks us to live then you will know and understand how important modesty is. Bottom line, modesty is in the eyes of the beholder. Wow, Profound! Right!? At least when I realized this, it was for me. I learned from someone I know, that it is not for me to condemn or judge another person for what they choose to wear, how they live their lives, or what comes out of their mouths. That is for God! This same person has spoken greatly on the dangers of living legalistically in Christian faith. Which, has given me opportunities to search within my relationship with God and reassess some of my conclusions on what I thought was truth. My interpretation of modesty being one of them. For me it has been freeing to know that I do not need to live in chains. I do not need to condemn myself and others for “Rules, Laws” that were never for me to lord over. That it is ok, to not have to be perfect here, because to God we are all perfect when we have accepted His Son and live how He call’s each person individually to live. Knowing that when I do the best I can and I still fail, God will still love and forgive me. Let’s face it, people have “Bad” days and do things that hurt others. Man, if only we could do as God does. Unconditional love and forgiveness. I strive to live that way.

My response to the question and to anyone else asking:

Modesty is very important, yes. The question and then where the answer lies, is whether I would wear said item, then hand the decision back to you, allowing you to determine what you deem as modest. With no condemnation or judgment. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying wear whatever you want, it’s all ok, and that everything is acceptable. I’m saying if you are unsure of something pray, get thoughtful insight from other believers whom you trust, and search your heart for answers from God. God has a way through His Holy Spirit of telling us, and convicting us when we have gone too far outside of the box. That is what grace and mercy are for, as all of us mess up from time to time and need forgiveness. Let God be your guide not your conscience!



  1. Hi Mandy! I googled “It’s The White Time” youtube and found nothing. Please send a link. Sounds wonderful!

    On the swimsuit issue, I’m appalled when young people wear bikini’s in public places. Knowing boys like I do, it’s kind of a form of being dishonest. The girls are offering something they’re not going to give. Fraudulent. Shouldn’t Christian women and girls be conservative, even in swim wear?

    Here is Mayim Bialik’s blog on modest bathing suits. She’s Jewish, you know. (Big Bank Theory, Blossom, etc.)


    Me, being very old, found one that I like and is pretty modest. I just don’t want some little boys lusting after my great-granddaughter! And she can do a lot to prevent it. But at 18 months old, maybe she doesn’t have to worry yet!

    • Hi Bea, You may have to search with no spaces “itsthewhitetime”, right on youtube.com. Not sure why it doesn’t come up with spaces. Also there is a link in the post above as well. Thanks for commenting.

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