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What is Drama?

Drama= negative emotion (worldly view) or

Drama= emotion


Feelings=You, stripped down to who you really are

Drama is something I’ve never been accused of, right? Yeah, right!

theatre-masks-hiWhat a loaded word! So many definitions, so many stereo types, so many negative emotions that come with just this word. Using your emotions to voice your opinions, beliefs, feelings can be viewed by others as drama negatively. Those that can’t handle it at least. But, I declare it does not have to be a negative encounter. You can confront conflict respectfully by voicing your thoughts, feeling’s (warning could be heated), & emotions (could also be heated) in a manner that is not attacking. I believe that is what drama is meant to be. That is what my definition of drama is. Though, even then it can hurt people and they may lash back at you and one way of doing this is by stating “your so full of drama”. It may not be the yelling and screaming coming to knock-down-blows drug out by Jerry-Springer-drama that the world portrays it to be but, non the less “drama”.

Are you saying to yourself… Not me, I mean well, and I’m just trying to voice who I am as everyone else does. How can that be determined as drama? Bad drama? No matter what you do there are always going to be people with derogatory comments that try to drag you down and there will always be those that take drama (feelings) to a very Jerry Springer kind of place. For those of us that are really trying to be respectful about it, have mercy. You may never know people’s reasons for tearing you down or there may be times you know why. It’s up to you if you choose to allow it to hurt you.

On many occasions I have been accused of drama. I’m the kind of person that wears her heart on her sleeve. The kind that is very sensitive. This can be looked at as weakness and I to used to look at it as weakness too, but I don’t believe that anymore. GOD gave me a big heart. A heart that cares very very deeply and that, from a Godly view point, is not weakness! The world views it as weakness and tries to constantly break me down. It hurt me for many many years. I tried to conform to others to please them but have decided that the best thing for me, is to allow the people that truly accept me for who I am. To really invest in the people that accept me and let go of the other people who do not. It is a work in progress but, I am who I am, flaws and all. I pray each and every day that GOD would allow me to see people for who they really are. To see people how He sees people. To truly see their heart without all of the distractions and outside appearances. GOD I pray that you would continue to grow me. That you GOD would allow me to see people as you see them. To have a heart of grace and mercy.


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