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Wearing my heart on my sleeve

Here is a little insight into me.


1374694277_yZ6eHrFwTaDxNW6INjOR_heart_on_my_sleeveAs a person who wears her heart on her sleeve I tend to go into situations a little guarded. Once I get to know and trust you, I will open up more. When someone chooses to disregard that trust that has been built, it becomes a very deep hurt. In the worlds terms, “I’m super sensitive.” In my terms, “I care so much for other people and want the best for them, that I put myself out there.” This leaves me very vulnerable to others. To me, it is different then caring about what other people think, say, and do. It’s about having a deep love, compassion, sympathy and care for people. When someone comes in and destroys that it leaves me devastated, extremely hurt and bitter. At that point, I choose to walk away as a form of self preservation. If the other person is regretful and truly does want to have a relationship with me then I tend to come back slowly. It take time for me to build trust again. People do hurt other people all the time, but most times not on purpose. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt after they have hurt me, but I admit it’s very hard.


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