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Image from scenepika.deviantart.com

Image from scenepika.deviantart.com

To the PESSAMISTS in my life: The one who is negative at every turn. Please keep your negative thoughts to yourself. If you don’t try you will never accomplish anything!

To the CYNICS (cynicist?) in my life: The one who is super negative and very “meanly” sarcastic. The one who, when asked a question feels like that question is below them and is not worth answering because a young child could ask a better one. The one who also see’s the worst in people and is out for themselves. I don’t need or want that in my life!

To the REALIST in my life: The one who is living in reality and only reality. When I have an idea or thought I don’t need that to be squashed even before I try. I want to be able to try! Even if the “real world” says it can’t happen.

To the OPTIMIST: The one who is always positive about everything. I appreciate the encouragement and love though, I understand that things, most often actually, will not turn out the way that I planned. I could use more people like this in my life!

To the IDEALIST in my life: Those who are the day dreamers so to speak. You see what could happen. I also really appreciate this thinking as well. I need more of it in my life!

I’m not asking for lies, fluffy clouds or unicorns, I’m asking for freedom. Freedom to fail. WHAT!!!! Yep, freedom to be able to try without judgment and ridicule. Unless there is a safety issue, or some kind of danger. I don’t need anymore Condemnation in my life. I’m maxed out on that! Ok Mandy, if you don’t want lies, and you don’t want condemnation, what do you want? SUPPORT! Loving, caring support. Even if you knew I was going to fail, even if you knew it was a bad idea, even if it sucks, I need support and love. I don’t need all the stats on why it will or won’t work, or negative sarcastic remarks on how stupid I am for even thinking that way. Yes, I may fail, but yes I may succeed as well. Just because it did not work for someone else, does not mean it will not work for me. If you only try things that you know you are going to succeed at then you will miss out on some very big experiences.

I’m an Optimistic Idealist! Most of the time. I try to breath that into my life as well as into others whenever I can. Anyone and everyone can change their outlook on life. It’s up to each person, no matter their circumstances. Living and putting people down negatively sucks the joy out of life, for them and everyone else around you. Yes, thinking positively can hurt, because you may fail, but if you don’t try, you don’t move forward, if you don’t move forward, you do not have a chance to succeed.


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