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Thru the fire comes refinement.

download_thumbOut of the ashes comes something extraordinary. Most people do not like going thru trials and tribulations but, even Jesus had his share. It comes down to how you react in those times that truly define who you are. Thru that brokenness comes light, love, and encouragement. Out of the storm comes greatness in the form of divine peace.

I hate pain and sorrow but, I understand that they are necessary for me to see the face of GOD. To live a life that GOD calls me to live. For me to understand his plan for my life. The discipline that God has allowed me in my life has allotted me great wisdom, knowledge and understanding. For that I am most thankful.

In my life I have gone thru many trials and tribulations. In the heat of going thru it, I question my purpose, my worth and my life. Some testing and refining I have gone thru:

I was in a very abusive relationship/marriage for many years that by the grace of God ended, another marriage,

2 very serious life threatening miscarriages

6 children

home schooling

cloth diapering

my dad having cancer

owning my own businesses





Number 4, of our 6 children, on the second day after she was born ended up being transported to Children’s Hospital. She was not breathing correctly. It was one of the hardest things I have had to go thru. I thought we were going to loose her. Her dad had always wanted a little girl. A daddy’s girl. The pain and anguish was excruciating. The three days of NO sleep compounded everything. After a couple of days of observation we were told that she has a very low heart rate and that is just who she is. Nothing to worry about. She was also a big breath holder. Breath holding is when they hold there breath, turn blue, can seize, pass out and then their brain reboots. Our next two children also ended up being breath holders. WOW! That sucks! You never get used to that. Being along for the journey with my dad and his cancer was also very trying, as I love my parents dearly. Home schooling is not for the weak-hearted. I could go on but, my point is that I have been thru and have survived many “storms” with GOD’s mercy and love.

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