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Taking Time for Others

It’s so annoying when you take the time to put into other people and they take hardly no time to put back into you.


Time business concept.What’s the point? I guess lowering my expectations of some people would be a start. Ug, it’s sooo frustrating. I realize that other people have lives and are busy but, really, it takes two minutes to write a text or send a message via email, skype, facebook, etc to someone asking how it’s going or just to tell someone your thinking about them. Messaging back is not needed, if time is an issue. It’s the initial message that really matters. Only contacting someone when YOU need/want something is not a sincere relationship. Come on people! It’s not always about you! If you care, take the time, most times that’s way better than a gift.


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  1. Great point of view!

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