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Such a Loaded Question

I hear it every day, if not many times a day.


Image from the-chapel.org

Image from the-chapel.org

It is a question that for me, is very loaded. I have spent a lot of time in thought about this one question. What is it? It’s, How are you doing? Why is this such a loaded question? Because most people don’t want to hear a true answer. Why would I think that? People ask the question because that is what we American’s do to be polite, not real, polite. So Fake! To think that most people really don’t care, is heart breaking, but it’s the truth of the reality we live in. So Sad! No, not all people, but most people tend to be like this, and at times, honestly I’m like this. I’m in a hurry, which happens every day, and don’t have time to sit and shoot the breeze with people so a quick “How ya doing?” and I’m already out the door before they can really answer. I’m disappointed in myself. If I had just taken the time to listen, maybe somebody’s day could have been a little lighter. If you don’t take the time for others, you may miss out on some awesome experiences. Such a simple question with the potential for a remarkable outcome. Food for Thought!

If I am asking you how you are, I really want to know how you are, not sugar coated, and I will work on doing a better job to take the time to show it. FYI, just another reason why I like texting so much. A quick easy way in such a busy world, to reach out and ask how someone is doing. Don’t sugar coat your responses, I could do well to learn that, or try to save face, that too. Hiding from the very things that a trustworthy person could help and encourage you with, will only hurt you in the long run. Open up! Live a little and enjoy life free from struggles and burdens. Allow a loved one to come along side you, helping and guiding you on your journey’s. Lives better when you share it with someone anyways. There is so much pride and so much selfishness in this world. If we could truly humble ourselves most of the time, and tell someone how we are “really” doing, the amount of love that could be shared would move mountains. WHAT?! To think that by going out of our way and taking just a moment of our time to listen to someone, could change their lives or even our lives in the process. Simply Amazing! On the flip side, being the one that’s asked, you need to trust, to open up. I understand not everyone will care or will take the time and it is VERY hard to find those that do, but when you do open up, the amount of freedom you get from just telling someone “How you really are”, and How things are going” is incredible. I struggle with that. I tend to tell people that I’m fine and not to worry, that I will be alright, when inside I’m at war with something or shouting for joy on something else. My heart is to help those that really need my help and to love. I love to help people where I can and when I see a need. Don’t believe me, believe GOD. GOD wants us to care, to love, to take time for others.

A special thank you to those that have taken time for me. To listen, to care, to allow me the opportunity to listen to you. Unfortunately, I am trying not to name names so people can remain anonymous. You all know who you are. Many thank yous go out and much love.


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