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Such a hot topic today.

What is submission?

What does it mean to be submissive to your husband?
Is submission weakness or strength?
Image from lipstickalley.com

Image from lipstickalley.com

The Wikipedia definition on submission is, “the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.” Submission in our culture has been widely viewed as weakness, but I say, submission is strength. It takes a lot for a person to concede to another and to do it out of love. It’s priceless! It is a whole different ball game to do it out of fear. Meaning, sure you can gain submission with fear, but can you gain submission with love? If you fear GOD, then the answer is yes. Yes, to both sides. To submit in love is to submit, in trust. Husband are never meant to take advantage of a submitting wife, but to love and respect her opinions and feelings on situations before concluding a decision. Yes, there are times that the husband needs to make a decision without consulting with his wife and that is where the wife needs to trust that her husband has their best interest at heart. Sometimes it may not end well, as life is not all roses, so expect there are going to be those times. In those times, you as the wife, need to love. Yes, you will be angry, yes you may be disappointed, but you need to love. Love your husband especially in those times and respect him.

Let’s back up a bit and give you some background information on my husband. My husband tends to not be an alpha, and really is not competitive (unless he is playing a video game, haha!), neither one of those a bad thing. He is a laid back kind of guy that takes life as it comes. For the most part, he makes decisions when he has to, but would rather not be in charge. I, on the other hand, am the kind of person that seeks out life. Add in the fact that I’m an alpha and a very competitive woman and boy, oh boy, what a recipe for disaster when it comes to submission. With running a couple of businesses, one in which my husband and I are equals, can tend to be confusing. What does it look like in a situation like that, when the woman tends to lead more then the man? For me, it looks like a work in progress. I am learning that there is a time and places for my opinions. That submitting for me, and my relationship with my husband, is honoring his request and above everything else, RESPECTING HIM! By respecting him, I am loving him. I have not been very good at submitting to my husband and as a result, he has receded back from his role as the leader of our household. I believe the man needs to be the leader of the house. So what now? Now, I encourage. Now, I take a couple of steps back. Now, I realize that my way is not always the right way, that there are many ways to get to the end of the means, many just as good as mine. Now, I love and trust!


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