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There are many things that I do wrong as a Christian…


Image from Flickr.com

Image from Flickr.com

…but I believe one of the worst offenses would be, Ta-da!, loving thy neighbor. Accepting another for who they truly are inside instead of what’s on the outside. That is very hard business. Forgiving and overlooking other’s faults, as no one, not even me, is perfect. I, here in front of the world, confess that I am a judging person. I tend to, very ignorantly, think that my way is the only way. That I know what the bible is really telling us, on how our time here on earth is supposed to be lived, and that it’s my job/obligation to let everyone know it. Especially when it comes to living a life that is pleasing to GOD. Yeah, OK Mandy! Get over yourself! I know!, right? What an arrogant fool! That thought pattern couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m with you on that and that’s why I am writing this as a means of a start, to try to change. How can I expect others to accept me as I am, but I not accept others for who they are? Answer?, I can’t. I need to open my heart to loving and accepting people instead of judging people. I’m a work in progress. I pray that with GOD’s help, one day I can totally get there. I pray each and every day, sometimes many times a day, that GOD will allow me to see people for who they truly are. That I would be able to see their heart, not their outside shell of who society thinks we should be. That I would be able to see through the lies that Satan tells what each person should look like, act like and live like. GOD made each one of us in his own image, even me and my faults, and I need to see that and accept that.

I do know that there is a line, though. That I, nor anyone else, can just do whatever we want, and live how we want and everything will result in being roses with GOD and with others. We need accountability, we need to be mindful of others for many different reasons. People that we truly trust can help us stay on the righteous path, in love. What is the righteous path? I know it is not in my understanding to know that. That is not for me to determine. We are all mere humans and do not have the wisdom that is needed to determine where/what that path exactly looks like. It could be different for each person. Most importantly, we need to seek out GOD and second GODLY people, though I’m not so sure that there really is GODLY people. I think more so, that we are people that believe in GOD. Confusing but, I believe there is a difference. To say we are GODLY is to say that we are above who we really are. I don’t know about you, but I’m still that piece of garbage that I was the day I was born. Only with GOD can I be washed clean of that, to be made into something wonderfully amazing and new. Praise GOD and thank you GOD for giving me that gift! I’ll accept that gift any day with open arms! So to say that I am a GODLY person, for me, is to say that I am an equal to GOD and I’m assuredly not anywhere near that. So, I will leave it as, seek out people that truly believe in GOD. Not the “Sunday Christians” who live one way one hour of that day, and another way every other hour of every other day. We all make mistakes, me included, but if you are really seeking every day to live a life GOD would deem good, then that’s all any of us could ever ask for from ourselves and from others. No one really knows another’s heart, so to say that that person is not striving for that, is not for me/us to determine. We need to leave that to GOD. Giving up the control in my life. Letting Jesus be in the driver seat. We need to obey what GOD has told us in the bible, thru Jesus Christ and his prophets on how we should live. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE one another. Sometimes that can be oh so hard. There are people out there that I feel deserve no love, people that have wronged me or others, but I need to understand that that is not for me to determine. That is for GOD to determine. Man, this stuff is so hard and challenging, but so worth it. One day at a time and with much forgiveness, grace and mercy from GOD and others, I know one day I will get there.


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