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It’s Time! I’m In!


Image from greatawakening.blogspot.com

Image from greatawakening.blogspot.com

I am so tired of the enemy of my soul ripping me down day after day thru people, media, music and every other means that he can. Picture how peaceful it would be, on a warm summer day, go down to the river worship, be baptized and singing songs of praise. AWESOME! To be able to take a week to go out, in the middle of no where, with no electronics, no conveniences, just the nature GOD created. AMAZING! I’m not a huge fan of bugs, but I’ll suck it up. I’m sure there would be other people that don’t mind bugs and could take care of them. Just One on one time with GOD! What more could anyone ask for? I’m not talking some fancy hotel or luxury place. Just Raw nature. I’m not a super outdoors person, but the spiritual growth that would be achieved would be colossal. I keep trying to talk my family into it, but that stops at the part where I say, no electronics. I get the glazed over look for the rest of the conversation. Oh well, maybe some day. I will continue to pray about it and one day GOD will open that possibility. YEAH!


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