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Sickness and Health Literally

One thing that comes with the territory of having a big family is sickness.

Image from forgotten-light.deviantart.com

Image from forgotten-light.deviantart.com

Ug! I hate sickness and with a family of our size it just keeps going round and round. YUCK! I just spent all of last night and today being best friends with a bucket. GROSS! Lying on the floor crumpled in a ball with a huge blanket and many pillows hoping and praying that GOD would take it away. That this stomach cramp would be the last. OUCH! OH, for the love of life, let it stop, and I’m a grown women for heavens sakes. I can’t imagine what my little guys must be going thru, though honestly, they seem to handle it better then I do. The touch a mommy can have on little peoples physique that makes them feel loved, cared for and comforted can be unmeasurable. They know that mommy would do anything to take away the pain and hurt of life. That’s the touch that GOD has in my life. I know that I’m not going to be sick forever, that GOD will eventually allow me to heal and move, making this sickness a distant horrible memory. No matter the circumstance, GOD is always there. He may let me suffer for a time, but in due time he will allow it to pass. It’s very hard to keep that in mind while going thru the suffering, but it’s the only hope that I can grasp in those moments. I’m such a wimp when it comes to pain and being sick. Colds, stomach viruses, morning sickness, child birth, etc. Really not my best moments. Pain is not my friend. I very much hate pain. People say pain is a gift from GOD, to help you know when to stop. Ok, I will give you that, but I don’t enjoy it. In fact, I loath it. How did I make it threw having 8 children? By GOD’s grace and mercy. It had NOTHING to do with me. I wholeheartedly would have taken myself out, if I would have had to deal with the pain alone. Like I said wimpy. Oh, the toiled webs we weave. Onward and upward then, hopefully without a bucket.

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