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This is a graphic post. Know going into it, it is not meant for young children.

Yep, I’m going there!


Image from rediff.com

Image from rediff.com

This is going to be a sort of book review, and my life application, kind of post.

I have just started reading, yes me, reading an amazing book by Dr. Juli Slattery and Dannah Gresh called Pulling Back the Shades. It is Awesome!! I love it! The main purpose of the book is to let woman know the very real dangers of erotica books such as Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James. That book and other books like it are very dangerous not only to the married woman, but to the single woman as well. Juli and Dannah talk about sex being inherently spiritual and that, God designed sex as a gift for those that are married. It is the deepest commitment two people can make to each other. When you connect in such a manner it creates a bond with that person like no other, whether you want it to or not. Society tries to separate sex from love. Enter in the friends with benefits, the sex outside of marriage, the one night stands, etc.. Oh, the deception! Such meaningless lies of crap! Wake up people! You are being hosed! You are putting yourself to a situation that will only come back to haunt you. As well as totally create destruction in your life. So many damning convictions! 1 Corinthians 10:23-24, Proverbs 14:1,Ephesians 5, Matthew 5:29, Luke 4:18, and many more. Pulling back the shades, is a must read!

Satan is a rebellious, drunk with power, fallen angel of the most high GOD, that has gone psychotic! He will do whatever he can to steer you away from GOD because he knows that this hurts GOD. Even going to the extent of deceiving people into thinking he is a child of the light. Such a pile of Crap! Satan puts things in our paths that we very easily, slide into the number one slot, where we should be putting GOD. He does this most times without us even knowing it, and we thought we were smart. HELLO! We all need to get a clue and open our eyes. I pray that GOD would allow me to see thru these lies and deceptions. To see people for who they truly are. There is no middle ground. There is GOD or death. What is your choice? I choose GOD! Joshua 24:15 “But as for me and my household we will serve the Lord”.

This book spoke volumes to me. I am a very emotional person much more so then a physical person. I have had many struggles with longing to escape my mundane reality. To be protected by a strong man (a man that lovingly leads), to rescue a man (being the only one that can meet those needs), and being sexually alive. I always thought I must be so different because I have these longings. Longings that this book directly talks about most every woman having. I soon realized that I do not need to long for these things because I have these things with my husband. They just need to be reignited. When it comes to actual sex, my husband and I’s sexual cravings differ. No, I’m not talking about BDSM either. Seriously, oh my goodness! Anyways, how do we make it work? That part is easy, one word. Selflessness. His desires and cravings far out way mine, but we make it work. I love him irregardless of the differences that we have. I do believe that, it is my job to meet his needs and his job to meet mine. What! Some of you are thinking. Your crazy! Nope, I’m a bible believing woman that firmly believes that the two shall become one and when that occurs, ones’ needs becomes the others’ needs. I do not look at it as a “duty” to fulfill that desire (that need), but a privilege to be able to be close, and meet that desire (that need) no one else can meet for him. It helps ensure that we are being accountable to each other. He is extremely unselfish and loving, taking the time each time, to make sure that my sexual needs are always being met. Going back to the longings. I still have those. I still want to be secure, I still want to be the “one and only.” The one that changes peoples lives, and I do get Bored with my live at times. What do I do with those longings? Deception has a way of putting a blinder on you, making you think that things are different from what they may be. Praying and looking deeply within myself, asking GOD to have the blinders taken off, is a start. I try to find positive outlets such as talking with people that are very close to me that I trust, is a second. Also, I try to search out ways that those longings are actually being met within my marriage, that I just may not be seeing.

Another Huge aspect that hit very hard, was the fact that I have put idols before GOD. Not items of gold or silver, but idols in the shape of humans. I have put my husband and my children before GOD. I constantly feels like if I lost anyone of them my life would cease. Is that true? No, life would go on, though I’m not sure I could cope. Bottom line, I have not often thought about the fact of what would my life be like without GOD. What if GOD did not exist in my life? I should be thinking this every minute of every day and being extremely thankful that GOD is so patient and merciful to me. Pondering that is what should fill my thoughts, not secular meaningless crap.


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