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 Let’s face it, life gets monotonous day after day. I struggle with this. BORING!


Working hard all day and night. Being taken for granite. No time for yourself which results in letting yourself go. One can tend to be a little bitter. My self included. I love my family so much but, I get tired of being viewed as just a housewife, employer and mommy. I want to be viewed as a sexy, smart, sophisticated women in addition to, the items listed above. Is that wrong? I don’t think so. Taking some “me time” to recharge and spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally amp yourself up to be able to “take on the world” so to speak is a start. It will enable you to be able to be that women that YOU want yourself to be and others to view you as. Remember to be realistic, as setting yourself up to have to be perfect, never ends positively because NO ONE is perfect, I realize, not even me :). I try to set attainable goals for myself as often as I need to. Some small, some bigger. I can honestly tell you that I have not met all of those goals. Some I am still working on and some I have had to let go and accept the fact that maybe, it just was not the direction that GOD wanted me to go in. Sometimes it ends badly because I try to push harder thinking if I just try harder it will happen. I’m here to tell you first hand if it ain’t GOD’s will, it’s NOT going to happen! Empower yourself to become the person YOU want to be, not the person others expect you to be. I’m going to be me! The me that I want to be not the me others expect me to be. Oh, self image, what a crazy web you weave. Many blessings!


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