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People and Toxicity

I was talking with my sister-in-law…


Image from johnpilato.blogspot.com

Image from johnpilato.blogspot.com

a couple of days ago about how there are some people in our lives that are toxic. We discussed what that meant and how that impacted each of our lives. After the conversation I got to thinking, and have come to a conclusion. We all have people in our lives that we can determine are toxic. Friends, Family, Ex’s, Co- Workers, so many others.. I try to love everyone that I can, in different ways. I decided that it would be best to write a letter. A letter to all the people that have been toxic in my life. A chance to let it go and move on. CLOSURE! Oh Mandy, your a bible believer, you are supposed to forgive anyways. Yes forgive, but not forget. I still have those wounds that need healing. Yes, people can change, but I wanted a chance to say, well…

To Whom This May Concern

(you know who you are),

I have taken the time, time and time again, to invest in your life. You have taken the time to selfishly rob me of that time, with no intention of putting anything back in. What A Waste! I have given and given and you have taken and taken. So Extremely Selfish! I have spoken encouragement and you have spoken condemnation. Ouch, That Really Hurt’s! The loving words that I spoke were meant with destructive criticism. Nothing Was Ever Good Enough! I would build you up and you would rip everything in your path down. Devastating! I tried to be the light and you would always take on being the darkness. Blinding! Was all of this for power? For Show? Because you had no self esteem? Who Knows! I will never know, and I don’t want to know. I do know that anyone that treats someone the way that you do, should not, can not, and most certainly does not know GOD or his son Jesus Christ, no matter what their words claim to say. No, I was never perfect, but I tried to be. I tried to love you unconditionally and you pulverized me. Crushing Me! I would like to say that I wish I never knew you, but I would not be the person I am today, without having gone threw the tribulations I did knowing you. Out of an evil situation, GOD created good!

I deserve better. I deserve respect, love and kindness. I have many many people in my life now, that have spoken love, light, and life into me. I wanted you to know that I have moved on. On to bigger and better things. I pray that GOD would erase you from my thoughts, my heart, and sever the bond that we once had. From this moment on, I will rarely, if at all, ever think of you again.

I DON’T WANT OR NEED THAT IN MY LIFE ANYMORE! If or when you see me again please just walk on by, like you never knew me. I will do the same. My final thought is a prayer for you. That GOD would allow your heart to be softened to him. That you would come to have a truly meaningful relationship with him and his son Jesus Christ. Fully understanding what he has done for you and everyone who accepts his gift..


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