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Image from toughcookielifestyle.com

Image from toughcookielifestyle.com

This week has been one tough cookie. Not of the monster variety, but of the chips A’hoy kind. Sometimes your surrounded by so many people, yet still feel alone and stressed. You start to question the true validity of the people around you. You start to question yourself. I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect, that I sabotage new and good relationships that I have. It just gets kinda intense. With people, there is always the variable of the unknown. You try to see the good in people, but it’s so hard when the bad is starring you right in the face. Do you choose to ignore the bad, in hopes of seeing the good one day? That can get very dangerous. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not that strong. I will humbly say that I have given up on many relationships lately because of lack of direction. It may not be right, but I know that other opportunities will come along for me to meet new people, that will allow a new direction. On the same note though, some old relationships came back into light this week. Surprise! Some family that we do not talk to very often has invited us to be apart of their life changing day, in the coming year. Of Course! So exciting! Love you guys!

Work has been crazy with Corporate coming and hiring new employees (UGH!), trying to bring in more business, and our manager stepping down in hours. We got a chance to meet a couple of Corporate people that we had never met before and that went great! Friends and contacts were established and now whenever I need anything I can count on them. Perhaps, things are changing for the better with that company?

It has been crazy and extraordinarily difficult to find good help. When the bulk of parents are doing everything for their children, their children learn and then know nothing about working in the real world. It sets those kid’s up for disaster and failure. They expect to come in and get a pay check, but not work for it. It’s Ridiculous! And honestly, how embarrassing for those parents. Those kid’s at the age of 16 can not hold a job because they know nothing about what it means to actually work. A lot of them, for a good portion of their lives, will be supported by their parents or the government because they never gained the skill of hard work. SAD! Parental advice, “Parents give your kid’s chores and hard work!” It’s not going to kill them, it will make them stronger and give them life skills in the long run. Give them the example, that money is earned, not given to them freely.

As far as customers. We do what we can. Trying very hard to treat them how they should be treated. We love our customers and have met so many wonderful people, from them just coming in every week to get dinner. I really enjoy catching up with some of them.

About a year ago we decided that we still loved owning our restaurant, but that we did not want it to be our whole life anymore. We were working seven days a week, 11 hours a day and then working at home, in addition. It was time for a change, so we decided to look for a manager. We were very picky, as this was our business and we wanted it to continue to run as when we were there. Being a manager of any kind of business is a privilege and also a lot of hard work. You have to be willing to put in a lot of time. Anyone that has been a manager of any kind of business understands this. We hired a manager and for the past year things have had there ups and downs. Last week she came to us and said she wanted to go down in hours, so she could be at home more with her family. Ok, I get that, as family is very important. It’s been a struggle, though. We try very hard to be fair, so we decided that this point we were not going to drop any kind of pay. Was that the right decision? Again, fair. The decision came so quickly that there was not a whole lot of time to think, but it gets a bit stressful for us because of our bottom line and adding on to our hours and responsibilities in the store. Yikes! We will see what happens in the future. God is good! I know that by giving, he will guide us to where we can prosper, whether that be in this business or another.

One of the biggest struggles this week, by far, has been our oldest son. WOW! When people said that the teen years are difficult, they weren’t lying. As I have said in other posts, we home school our children and our oldest is not the happiest with that decision every day. He is our social little butterfly. He cares nothing for having an education and everything for social interaction. I can’t say that I totally blame him, as 98% of teens are the same way. Heck, I was the same way. It just makes things hard. Most times parents can just ship their children off to school and be done with it, but not us. Day in and day out we are in the trenches. We have spent a lot of time and money to ensure that each one of our children receive an excellent education, whether they want it or not. I’m telling you though, it’s no where near easy and this boy has an attitude to boot. He is my super, extreme, severely, intense, strong willed child. To say the least. He thinks he knows everything and that the world revolves around him. These past few years have been an Eye Opening experience for him, resulting in many heightened discussions. Again, I get that this is a teenage thing, but my goodness, THIS SUCKS! I miss that little boy that would climb trees and go riding his bike up and down ditches. Don’t get me wrong, I Love my Son, I will continue to love my son not matter what, and he is AMAZING, especially with our other little ones. He will be an incredible dad some day. I just wish that he would have positive direction with the ability to get his responsibilities done, and the drive to get there. Yes, I pray for him and with him. I am praying that one day, he will get there. We may believe in God and have abundant faith in Jesus Christ, we may also home school, and we may try to live as obediently as we can to the bible, which in turn makes us look different, but we aren’t different, our children aren’t different. We are all still human, with human wants and fleshly desires. Living differently does not make you perfect, it makes you understand that every day is a challenge. A challenge that needs to be met with a loving heart and A LOT of grace and mercy.

How do we ever know where God is leading us? Where God wants us to be? You feel like your on the right path, but then, WHAM! Maybe not! Business is extremely hard and not for the fainthearted. You never know if you are going to survive another day. Much like parenting. Ha! Ha! Some days you feel like a good parent and other days, man I find myself asking God, why I was even given this many children, and it’s on those days, I understand why God may not allow us to have anymore. Time will tell.

I finished this week up by attending church and visiting with some people that I do not talk to very often and some I talk to every week. Such a blessing! Glad I decided to give it another go. I created a church box for the young kid’s with art supplies, snacks, and books in the hopes of keep them from becoming the main attraction. I didn’t get much out of the sermon as I was running around the halls with the baby, but I’m ok with that. I can get a recap online, thanks to Tony building the website. Go Tony!

Life, Who Knew! As you have read, this week has had good times and bad. That’s every week in the life of Mandy, though. How was your week? Did you have hardships? Good Times? New relationships? Did God speak into your life this week? Let me know. Have an awesome week this week!


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