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Old Fashioned Lady verses New Age Woman

Old Fashioned Dating:

Image from lifebuzz.com

Image from lifebuzz.com

Let’s start in the aria of the 1960’s and before. Ladies would stay at home, taking care of their home and children. Very rarely, if ever, would the lady work outside the home. When it came to dating, the gentlemen would always ask the father of the lady, for permission to go on a date with her. If the father said yes, then the gentlemen would come over on the designated day and time to pick up said lady. He would arrive with flowers or some kind of some gift. He would then escort said lady to the car while she held onto his arm. He would then open her car door and then close it. Upon getting to the designated destination, he would open her car door, help her out, and again escort her by means of her holding onto his arm. He would open all doors for her. He would give his name at the place they had arrived at, and again guide her to her chair and pull her chair out for her. He would ask her what she would like, and order it for her. The gentlemen would then pay for the evening, come over and pull her chair out for her, and then escort her back to the car where he would again open all doors for her. Then he would drive her home, and walk her back to her door via her hand in his arm. He would, if anything, kiss her on the check at the front porch and would make sure she got inside OK, and go home. He would then call for any other subsequent dates where all of the above would start all over again. Woman and children tended to be seen and not heard. Very much, a monogamous relationship.

Enter in the 1970’s to 2000’s woman:

WOW! What a change. Most woman started to seek after having the same rights as men, the woman’s liberal movement. They no longer wanted to be defined as staying home and taking care of the family. They wanted to be out in the workforce as an equal. They wanted jobs and all the rights that went along with being a man. Ladies no longer wanted to be known as ladies. They wanted to be known as woman, or part of a man. They wanted power and control. They no longer wanted to be submissive and told what to do. They wanted to take the bull by the horns and get it done themselves. Showing their male counter part that they no longer needed them. There was no difference when it came to dating. They started to take control. There was now just getting together, nothing formal. There was a lot of free loving, so to speak. Without many “dates”. There were not many woman that wanted children. Abortion was born, Roe v Wade. A very sad sad day in America. Boy, did woman now have a voice and it was being heard.

New age woman of today:

Sure woman of today want all the rights that they had obtained, but they grumble and complain. They want to have it all. The job, the husband, the kids and all the free time that they deem fit. People just “hang out” today. Rarely will you find anyone going on a dates, let alone hardly any that would like more then one child, let alone any.

What do I think? How do I want to be defined? I do want to be able to work and have a voice, but I understand that my family and home NEEDS to come first. I do not mind working, but woman were never meant to physically withstand the major stresses that working outside the home can put on you. I am included in that. I do NOT support abortion or any kind of free love. I believe in BIG families. I love children and believe GOD gave us the abilities for us to have children, that they are a reward, a blessing from him. I do however want to be treated like a lady. I want to be respected and treated like a lady should be treated. Holding open doors, jumping in when things are to hard, calling or texting first, etc. The man needs to take the wheel on heading up the family and the relationship.


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