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Why is life unfair?

Question: Why life is unfair? Answer: Unknown

Image from youngunsofindia.blogspot-com

Image from youngunsofindia.blogspot-com

How do you stay encouraged when life can be so hard, so unfair? The age old question of why do evil people prosper? I wish I knew. I have struggled with that question for a long time. I once heard a wise pastor say, that GOD allows them to prosper so that they may come to be saved. It got me thinking, perhaps through their spoils they will find that everything is meaningless under the sun, realizing that without GOD, life, amounts to nothing. Just getting up to do the same things over and over again. BORING! Food for thought. A compelling thought.

I can tell you that owning your own business is not as glorious as one might think. It’s really hard work. To work so hard every day and still struggle, that’s difficult, but I am learning huge amounts in those times of struggle. Is it because I suck at running a business, that it’s doing poorly? Possibly. Is it because of the economy? Partiality. All of the above? Most definitely. Oh my, I may never know the right answer. All I can do is pray for prosperity, wisdom and knowledge. Whether GOD grants me that prayer request, is up to him.

Ok, so bare with me while I get out this thought. What if, in the times that we think we are not prospering or not being blessed, we really are? What if we think we are being treated unfairly, but we aren’t? HUH!, what am I saying? What if there are blessings there, that we are not seeing? Maybe prayer for GOD to open my eyes would be a better one. Focusing on what I have instead of what I want to have. I wonder. Money makes the world go round and we need money to survive, but is prospering just financial? Does money equal happiness? What if all your money was taken away, but you still had your family. Would you still be happy? I would still be over joyed. Yes, money makes life more enjoyable and easier, but it’s not everything. Couldn’t prospering mean doing well in life, not just money well? With a GOD who loves and forgives me, a husband, six children, a home, cars, food, clothes, and many many additional items. I would say that is prospering. It may not look like it when compared to someone else, but everyone has a different definition of prospering. Mine is family and enough money to pay the bills with a little left over for fun. GOD allows some pleasures in this life.


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  1. Great writing!! It is true that we do miss out on the blessings when all we focus on is the problems. Like you said … when we don’t have money to pay the bills. I’ve been there and it’s not fun; but I also missed a lot of blessings because I just concentrated on what I did not have. We let our problems bury our blessings. The bible says “Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is more precious than rubies.” Proverbs 31:10 I think about my husband in this respect and that means I am RICH beyond all the money in the bank. Praise God! Also, I don’t think that any of us are good, we are all evil because we have all sinned, so God does not have to do any good for any of us. None of us deserve good things to happen to us. But in His loving kindness he does more good then we realize, like you said. Thanks for sharpening my perspective. I greatly enjoyed this.

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