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Josh Duggar Scandal Opinion

There has been a lot of talk in the news today about The Duggar Family, specifically the oldest Duggar child Josh.

For those of you who have chosen not to get into details or those that have been living under a rock, the story goes as follows. Short and right to the point. It was broadcasted that Josh Duggar had molested 5 young girls when he was a teenager, two of which were his sisters. Why am I writing about this? I have had a few people asking me what my opinion is on this.

Image from tautonchessclub.co.uk

Image from tautonchessclub.co.uk

So here it is:  Josh Duggar Scandal Opinion

First and foremost let me say, that this is a horrible and extremely violating act that no child should ever have to go through. My heart, thoughts, and prayers goes out to the girls that this happened to. They asked for none of this and ended up with a whole huge hunken scandal. So Tragic! Which leads me into my next point. How the hell is this any of my business? I mean seriously, What in the heck!!! I like the Duggar’s. They are a real God fearing American family, to me at least. And Guess what?! Oh My Gosh, shocker! Their not perfect! Are any of us? Yes, we may not do something as intense, and NO I am not excusing Josh’s actions, but isn’t a sin is a sin is a sin. The condemnation that is baring down on this family from the actions of one, is in one word, HORRID! Why not let those involved work out what needs to be worked out, and let them get things taken care of. This was not just swept under the rug people, it was taken through the proper channels. Child Service did come out and interview the family members, and did what needed to be done. The family has dealt with this and have reached out to get the help that was needed. Back Off!! Time to get our noses out of other people’s business. Don’t you think? Yes, they have chosen to be a public family and so lots of people believe that then it’s ok to be in their business. I’m not one of those people. I think that placing the sins of the child on the parents has long since been abolished so to cancel their show and chastise them for doing the best they could, is not right. The attack has long been coming for this family because many many people do not believe or support the Duggar’s lifestyle choices, and that is your prerogative to have that opinion. I believe on the same line as the Duggar’s, that children are a blessing, a reward from God. How many is ultimately up to God and the couple. Haven’t we as a society had enough of the crap that the media spins and distorts about everyone they come into contact with. They say whatever needs to be said in order to receive viewers and ratings, and we as a society just keep comin back for more, don’t we?! It’s like crack!! We think to ourselves, how we are so much better and we would do this different or that different, but honestly placed under that same microscope in those situations, I’m not sure we would handle it any different. Bottom line, It’s not my business! I’m not going to judge this family for something that has nothing to do with me. I will continue to encourage and support this family. People make mistakes, HUGE mistakes, I make mistakes. If God can forgive them, then it’s not for me to condemn them. I will step back and allow God to do the condemning, if He sees fit. All people deserve forgiveness. You may not forget, but we need to forgive.



Josh Duggar Scandal Opinion

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