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My Happy Place

My happy place would have to be…


Image from sampaikini.com

Image from sampaikini.com

a cabin in a warm place with a fire place at night to sit by, with lots of green tree’s and grass in a remote forest. No poisonous animals, next to a water fall with the spray hitting you in the face as you stand by and admire the incredible simplistic creation of GOD with an amazing rainbow and deep blue sky with lots of clouds over head. Yeah, that’s me!

A more realistic happy place would be at home in my bedroom, in my bed, lights dimmed to candle light level and the fans on. I love fans. They are so relaxing and tranquil. I can’t sleep without them. The quiet is mind numbing and the fans add a much needed element of comfort.

The fact that GOD allows me to have a “happy place”, a place to go to when times are hard or when I just need down time, makes me so thankful. Praising GOD for time well spent and recharging!


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