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Should we have guns in our house?

guns3 from brooklynyr-comMy husband and myself have been considering for a long time on getting a gun or guns. I was stoked. I was ready. Oh, the power. I wanted to be trained and wanted to have all kinds of guns for whatever or whoever would walk thru my door uninvited in the middle of the night. I wanted to be protected and I was going to ensure that I was by gaining the training and know how myself. My husband and son later decided that they wanted to come on board and gain that training as well.

I am for guns and believe they are for those that are properly trained. Not just professionals but, there is training for those regular citizens that would like the protection as well. I am not properly trained and when I picked up a gun for the first time, it actually scared the crap out of me. They are no joke. So dangerous and the thought that at any moment this one metal object in my hand, one small mistake, could take the life of something else, without feeling. It’s just mind blowing. YIKES! The devastation it could yield. That’s the point, right? I understand that, and that’s why I’m for people having guns, but only with the right training and mind set. It’s safe to say that I’m going to leave the gun toting to my husband and others who are properly trained to handle such an unforgiving weapon.

I don’t understand how certain people could take the lives of other people without feeling, and without emotion. Please understand, I’m talking about those that could so callously take a life. Muslims, Islams & gang members in general are people made in God’s image & are precious. It’s just so sad for those who don’t share that belief. Total disregard for human life. Horrid! I do not know that I would have it in me to shoot someone at point blank range. I guess if I was threatened enough, and if they were attempting to hurt my family or myself, adrenaline would kick in and over power that emotional connection. Resulting in it being done. Scary and sad at the same time that I have to think about protecting my family and myself from other people in such a manner, but I guess we have made our decision. Eve and Adam made the decision that would affect us all by eating of the forbidden fruit. Condemning us all to death and a life of complete and scary hardships. Thanks Guys! Luckily there is God and his son Jesus Christ who saved us from the sin that we brought into the world. I can’t tell you, I’m not afraid to die, because I am. I can tell you that I know where I’m going when I do. Heaven!! I may end up being a garbage collector or toilet cleaner there, because of my choices, but at least I will be there with Christ forever. That’s Awesome!!


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