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To Be A Good Steward

There was a significant portion of my life where I thought I needed to have everything new.


Image from thestoryofliberty.homestead.com

Image from thestoryofliberty.homestead.com

Yep, brand spankin new. Heck, let’s just put a word to it, I felt, ENTITLED! Was I really entitled? NO, but that did not change the fact that I felt that way. Being married young and with someone who felt even more entitled then myself was a huge recipe for disaster. He got everything he wanted, my two older kid’s had everything and did everything as well. It did not matter if there was money. It was just on the credit card. Then I would get the bill and pay the minimum balance and move on. As you can probably foresee, that turned out very badly. A lot of debt and bad credit scores. No one taught me anything about money, so I just kept spending and getting what I wanted, mainly for the kid’s and my ex-husband got what he wanted. I remained in debt until I divorced my ex-husband. After the divorce I was debt free. It was not until I met my current husband though, that the reality of the effects of spending uncontrollably, really set in. He grew up in an extremely frugal family. I grew up in a very, buy what you could, family. If mom wanted it, she would make it happen. As you could imagine, there was going to be a clash at some point. He was very good in the beginning always allowing me to get what I wanted and said nothing. As the years went by, things started to change. He started to get angry when I would purchase things, though he did like when I got items for him, until I finally realized I needed to change. I took steps to change my thinking. I did not need new. Used was just as good. The kid’s didn’t know the difference and they really didn’t care. Saving money and having money allowed me the feeling of security, and I liked that better then buying all the time. I soon realized as well, that I really did not like shopping, in fact, I loathed it. To this day if I have to go into a store, I try to go as fast as can. Such a time waster. YUCK!

God calls us to be good stewards with our money. He calls us to use it wisely. I have gotten much better today. I love going to garage sales and I do not mind in the slightest, getting used. In fact, I look for the used option first now. It saves so much money. I look on ebay, (though they are getting kind of expensive), craigslist, local garage sales, and Facebook. On another point, I believe GOD also calls us to teach our children all about money. Our children have a savings, spending, and church deviation that they need to adhere to every week. It takes a lot longer for them to get the item that they are so desperately wanting, but usually by the time they have saved the money for it, they have moved onto wanting something else. Thereby helping to elevate some impulse buying. There is a difference in just blowing all your money the second you get it, being frugal, and being wise. Being wise has a component of being frugal, but it also allots you pleasures and enjoyments. I have made it a goal of mine to strive to be wise with my money.


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