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The Good Old Days!

This one goes out to a very special person.


Image from pinterest.com

Image from pinterest.com

My very best friend for many many years as a child. We knew each other from almost birth and remain friends up until this day. We ended up moving far away right when I was getting to be a teenager, so our time got cut short. This was back before any kind of computers were available to the average citizen, when long distance cost money, and cell phones were never even a thought. You know, the “DARK AGES”. HAHA! To to keep in touch was almost impossible and unfortunately we were not able to. By the glory of GOD, a year or more ago she found my sister on Facebook, contacted her for my info, and reached out via email to connect again. Such a blessing! It’s funny, she was the one who got me started on Facebook. You were my light in the darkness in those times. You brought such joy and happiness to my life. Simply amazing!

I remember it like it was yesterday. Playing outside from dawn until dark. I’m sure my mom did not know where I was most of the time. I was never home, maybe to run home really quick and make a quick PB & J, then back out again. Most of the time we would just grab something at her house. I bet her dad thought he had another kid since I was there so much. Not a care in the world. The bright summer sun beating down from above and guess what? No sun screen. My mom never put sun screen on me or gave me any to put on myself. It’s so funny because now every time my kids are in the sun, I slather it all over them. HAHA! Different times. The smell of freshly cut grass. I love that smell! The whole day to just have fun, grow and learn. GREAT TIMES! I miss those times. I would never want to go back to being a teenager, but I would love to go back to the times before that. There were never any worries. Never anything scary. Parents would let their children roam the towns without any supervision and boy did we ever. I bet we explored every inch of it looking for hidden treasure. I would jump out of bed in the morning get dressed and go running out the back door and up the hill. Her sister always had something yummy cooking. HMM, so good! They were so cool. Swimming at the local pool, jumping off of the diving board. Man, that was my favorite part of the pool. Playing hide and seek, tag, kick the can, 7 steps, red light green light, kickball, sliding down the back hill on a sheet of plastic, etc. It was Awesome!!! We would have sleep overs all the time, where I would get home sick and have to go running home in the middle of the night. I was so scared. No idea why, even to this day. Also, going up north to the cabin or camping and exploring the mountains and forest up there. So Spectacular and Beautiful! So much fun! We had good times (the above) and bad times (parents and siblings), but we got threw them together. We went threw so much together and for that I am so grateful.

Today is such a different story. I don’t even let me kids go out of our yard by themselves. I try to make sure that their friends come to my house, unless I really know and trust their families well. I have yet to receive a call in the middle of the night, while they are at a friends house, for them to be picked up because they were afraid. I keep my littles very close hence, we own our own businesses, home school, and I know who they hang out with. Such a different time.

To you my friend and you know who you are, love you and I’m so thankful for our life experiences together! I wish you all the best on the rest of your journeys threw life. May GOD allow many blessings in your life. I look forward to hearing updates!


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  1. This was so much fun for me to read. The funny thing is I remember being at YOUR house all of the time…eating Pizza Hut pizza, playing Ryan’s drum set, watching movies (that your mom rented and recorded–ha!), eating your mom’s chocolate chip cookies, going on camping trips in the RV, playing barbies, helping you scrub your white socks because we may have forgotten to put our shoes on when we went out to play, 251-0550, running as fast as I could down the hill to your house, etc, etc, etc. So many happy and fun memories for sure!! Thanks for sharing your memories with me. Love you so very much and so happy we were able to reconnect in our old age. =)

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