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Faith Myth Section 7

Let your conscience be your guide


Image from thedisneydiva.com

Image from thedisneydiva.com

In this chapter Larry Osborne talks about how our consciences can lead us astray. Summary, that our consciences are more of a thermostat instead of a thermometer. Meaning, we’re not supposed to be guided by our conscience, because it can be either hot or cold, but more that you should look at your conscience as a thermostat that may need to be adjusted depending on what point you are at in your life. He also says that as human beings, our own desires and life experiences factor into our consciences, which can lead us off of God’s plan.

Over the years my expectations and beliefs have changed. My internal thermometer has swayed from cold to hot and back again just over the course of this year. As I grow in God, and grow in becoming who I am meant to be, my conscience changes. What was once acceptable, is now unacceptable, and what was once unacceptable is now acceptable on a couple of different circumstances in my life. Point being, do not rely on yourself to be your only guide. Back up decisions with the bible and prayer.

These posts are not the longest or the greatest, but I have not found this book to be as intriguing as I once thought. Larry Osborne makes his thoughts and this book out to be truth, when what they are, are just that, his ideas and his personal beliefs and thoughts. I do however, agree with a portion of what he has said. I have come to feel that this author is extremely insensitive and condescending, and for me, I just don’t care for that kind of person in general, let alone reading about that person and their beliefs. I will continue to try to work through the book knowing that my heart in not entirely in it, but I’m about ready to throw in the towel on this one. I’m really not satisfied with the knowledge that he has put forth nor the examples that he shares. He does have some valid points about what is really in the bible verses what we as believers interpret to be in the bible. The concepts are good, and have some merit, but the execution and knowledge leaves much to be desired, at least for me. Maybe as I grow and change things, it will become clearer on some of these myths, but for now I’m going to need to do more research and pray on what I actually believe out of this book to be true.


Source: Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe. By: Larry Osborne

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