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Faith Myth Section 6

Everything happens for a reason


Image from jimyblitz.blogspot.com

Image from jimyblitz.blogspot.com

There are many things in this book that can go either way. These so called myths have been engrained in us from day one. I’m not here to tell you for certain that they are myth’s or that they are truth. I have tried to summarize each chapter and give you my opinions, life experiences, and thoughts on each chapter. If I would have written one big post it would have been over whelming, to say the least. Please note this as I move thru the rest of the book.

Chapter six is about everything happening for a reason. Larry Osborne talks about how his wife was diagnosed with cancer and how people that they knew, would come up to them saying, that it was a blessing in disguise and that it must have happened for a reason. Both him and his wife were very upset with those responses because they felt that God did not have this happen. That it was more from the decisions that they had made and from a fallen world.

I’m torn on this one. I know that our decisions dictate a consequence regardless of whether that be good or bad, or whether that falls into God’s plan. The fact remains that as a result of that decision you get a reaction. Does that mean that everything happens for a reason? Possibly, but maybe not God’s reason. I do not believe that there is some predestined plan for my life, and as a result of that plan I will have things that happen that I can excuse away. It’s so easy for us to justify so many of our actions, so that we do not have to except the consequences. This then comes into play with the next couple of chapters as well.


Source: Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe. By: Larry Osborne

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