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Faith Myth Section 5

Faith Myth 5


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Image from morechristlike.com


What does Larry Osborne say in his book? He says that we are indeed called to judge. Not in the ways that most believers think. He says, thataccording to the bible, people that believe, are called to live a live that is reflective of being obedient to God. What does that look like? Jesus Christ lived the best life that could be lived, but none of us are Jesus, so what now? Be the best that we can be. We need to be very careful because the standard by which we judge, we will be judged. Da da daaa. That’s the kicker. Yes, there are black-and-white no no’s in the bible, but there are many many ‘gray areas” as well. It’s not about allowing or accepting others sin’s.It’s about realizing that no one is perfect and there are times that people need to be held accountable, but make no mistake and be very sure that you are taking the plank out of your eye before taking the spec out of another’s.

Oh, my my my. Call it a day it’s over. I’m so guilty of this. I was the believer that held everyone to my standard. I really thought that it was God’s standard, but last time I checked I’m not God, so I have no right to declare any standards on anyone else. What am I referring to? For me, drinking, video games, movies, entertainment, money, dressing, raising children, so many things. I saw myself becoming more and more of an enforcer then a believer. I’m sorry to say, I did not have much grace or love for others. I just could not believe, that if they truly believed, they would get sucked into the traps that were so easily scene, or are they? Satan is so deceptive and cunning that the cross between believer and non believer often gets blurred. I realize now, that is not for me to enforce or determine when that line is crossed. It’s for God. I need to be more concerned about me crossing it and how I am living my life, then worrying about another’s. This is one thing that I am going to try and work on in my life.

There are things that others do that make me really uncomfortable, not in a good way, that I will not tolerate, and it’s at that point that I walk away, but there are also many things that people do that I thought were wrong, and in the end may not be. Gray areas again. I understand now that it is not my way or the highway, but God’s way and a whole lot of grace. Again, I’m not saying that people now have a license to sin, walk all over another person, or have no accountability for their actions, and that we need to accept it all. I’m saying we need to think, pray, examine, and analyze before we condemn. Along the same lines is a quick summary of Ephesians 5, Be careful little ears what you hear, be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little mouth what you say. Nowhere in these does it explicitly tell us how to live, what to say, what to watch, what to listen to. How you want to live comes down to your own personal judgment, not the judgment of others. Be mindful though, that the choices that you make are going to be recorded and observed by God. God knows what your looking at, listening to, and saying to others.

Are you building yourself and others up from the things you are saying, hearing, watching? What if you think you are, but you’re not? What if, through the process of your walk with Christ, you offend or upset people via a judgment, or another motive? God has an answer for you. Matthew 5:23-26. A quick summary… if anyone is angry or upset with you, lay down your offerings to God, and go be reconciled to them first. Humble yourself,apologizing, and make amends for the judgments and wrong doings that you have bestowed on them.

Bottom line. Judge, by all means judge, but Be careful! Be careful that the ways that you are judging are how God calls us to judge, not how we think God wants us to. Remember, people are not perfect, people get lost, people stumble, but overall people need people for guidance, love, accountability, encouragement, and support. They do not look to be torn down for every decision they make. Respect the fact that they are also children of God. May God help me to love, not judge.


Source: Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe. By: Larry Osborne

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