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Blue print verses Game plan


Image from blog.ezinearticles.com

Image from blog.ezinearticles.com

Larry Osborne talks about our lives plan and the paths that we take. Is it a blue print or a game plan? Blue prints can not be altered or they will fall apart. Game plans on the other hand can be altered and can be amended on the fly. In the blue print scenario we would have no choices. Everything would be predestined, already outlined. Can you imagine your whole life, everything that you do or will do already planed out, before you even have a chance to take your first breath. That’s Crazy! There are many deeper levels that I could go into talking about. How God is omnipresent and the reason that he already knows what we are going to say, do, etc., is because he has already lived it with us on another level. I’m not going to go there right now. I do not have the knowledge to be able to correctly direct anyone on this. Let’s just stay on the fact, that blue prints can not be tampered with, otherwise they will fall apart as the builder starts building from them. A game plan on the other hand has many opportunities for changing things up. It allows you to think on your feet, so to speak.

As I said above I have limited knowledge about the inner workings of God, but I do know that he gave us free will, and if my life was a blue print I would not have the free will that God describes in the bible. My personal thoughts, my life is a game plan. I know that God knew me before he created me, but I also know that God gives me the ability to choose things in my life for myself.


Source: Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe. By: Larry Osborne

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