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Faith Myth Section 10

All Dead People Go to Heaven


Image from esteria-hubpages.com

Image from esteria-hubpages.com

The final faith myth, thank goodness, has to do with, when everyone dies they go to a better place. Maybe not defined as heaven, but something like heaven, definitely not hell, no matter who or what you have done, or claim.

My grandpa died a couple of years ago and I tell you what. I never talked to him about Jesus, but I believe he knew Him. I could never imagine having to face the harsh reality, that I may never see my loved ones again and then on top of that, have someone tell me that they are in a better place.

Do I recommend this book? I’m on the fence. Probably not. As I have stated, this book is no more then one man’s interpretation of what he thinks the bible says, but what’s dangerous is that he passes it off as truth. Is it truth? Some of it has some merit, but I can’t tell you to what extent it does.

Additionally, the author is not my favorite. He is extremely harsh and very arrogant. If your into that, then this book is for you. There are valid points and it makes you think and ponder, but again, it all comes down to what your interpretation is, and how God moves your heart. My summary is, that God is a God who is righteous and he loves us as his children. God gave his son Jesus to take the punishment of our sins. Jesus bore many beatings, mockings, many other not so great things and death. Where would we ever think that God would then make our life sugar coated roses. There is never a promise of that. Believing in God and His Son will not give you an easy life, winning lottery numbers, a perfect marriage and children, or any other guarantee, other then eternal live after this life. You don’t need to read this book to know and understand that.



Source: Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe. By: Larry Osborne

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  1. If all dead people went to heaven, it would be just like the earth.

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