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What Defines Me?

My decisions define me!

Image from powerofpositivity.net

Image from powerofpositivity.net

Do my decisions define whether I am a christian or not? YES, I believe so. We have the choice to rise above who society deems us to be. Is it easy. Heck, NO! Do we need to do it? That’s up to each person to make that decision in their lives. Are we called to live a life that is different then society? Yes!

I have made many choices in my life, that I have later come to regret. As a christian I often question which is the right path for me. Faced with so many directions the possibilities seem endless but, I know that there is only one true way. GOD’s WAY! A lot of the time I really don’t know what direction that is, resulting in the wrong choice, which equals hardships. I push threw life hoping and praying I’m making the right choices, but I know that there are times I’m not. Often, that realization comes too late. Trusting that GOD will guide me and when I do not hear him, correcting me towards the right way and knowing that there is grace.

I rejoice in the fact that I have great people who keep me accountable for my actions. I may not like it at the time, because who likes to be admonished, but it is something I need.

I have freedom in knowing that GOD loves me, no matter the direction/decision. That is security that has no words.


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