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Communication is a vital component to any relationship.


communication-trouble-007So why do so many struggle with it? Two reasons, one, uneducated and two, fear. Three, which I choose not to even deal with or be around are the people that just don’t care. When coming into contact with those people, I run. Non caring people are people that will step all over you to get what they need. They treat you like garbage, as well as, chew you up and spit you out. YUCK! Stay away from that stress.

How can you be uneducated in the most basic form of dealing with people that there is? It happens. Why? Many different reasons such as family up bringing, staying in solitary instead of dealing with people (no I’m not talking about introverts either), and more that I’m not going to get into. Why else would they have classes on interpersonal communication.

Fear. Fear of getting the wrong outcome. Fear of putting yourself out there. Fear of getting hurt. From my experience putting yourself out there has risk. Is it worth the risk? I think so over all. I think that the reward has the potential to out weigh the risk. It does sting a bit when you’re always the one putting into a relationship though. At that point it comes time to just cut it off. When people claim to be too busy to even send out a quick text or email at the least, move on. If it’s meant to be, set it free, and it will return to you. Ha! Ha! I really believe that when it returns to you then at that point you can decide if it is worth it to proceed. I know that “it” I’m referring to above is a person, get over it.

Can a person communicate too much? My husband would say yes, I would say no. Without communication we would be lost and very selfish. Communication is something that is a very huge hurdle in my marriage but, something that is truly necessary. Sometimes you just throw your hands up in the air and walk away shaking your head and clinching your fists. GRRR! I am a huge communicative person. I love to debate, get to know people on a deep basis (their true core selves), encourage and love as well as be encouraged and loved. I realize I can not change my husband but, also realize I may NEED him to. So what then? Pray, pray and then keep praying! I have asked GOD to change my heart. To change me so that, that need to communicate & how I communicate, can be changed to be more like my husband’s. Is it fair? No, but it also is not fair to act selfishly either. Are those needs still there for me? Yes, sometimes greater then others but, I have realized that my husband can not fill all the needs that I have to communicate and he does not have to. That’s why I’m sooo grateful for the honest, true, loving and caring other relationships that I have. Without them I would be lost.

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