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Communication My Way!

Image from dgnews.sduhsd.net

Image from dgnews.sduhsd.net


Alright, so the best way that I communicate with people, who are not right in front of me obviously, is thru texting. I love it! I can get right to the point and not waste anyone’s time. No awkward silences or looking like a bumbling retard. Yeah!!! Yes, I do put so much unnecessary stress on myself. Trying to be perfect, again! I must never have gotten the memo on not having to be perfect, especially to those that love you. My husband has been on me for months, telling me that it is not a good way to communicate with people, because there are too many variables. I’m super shy and feel so awkward unless I really know you, to call you. I never know what to say and where the conversation will go. I know, who does right, that’s half the fun. Yeah, ok?! No! You see, I’m a planner, and I can’t plan that. I have OCD I’m telling you. Hard core! My list of people I call is extremely small or to be honest, take calls from, they are my mom and dad, as well as my husband and kids. That’s it. I told you it was a small group. Nope, I don’t even call friends and other family.

Today, two different people in addition to my husband, pointed out to me that my “preferred” means of communication is not the greatest. No one knows the others emotions that are being put behind the words and the context in which the words may be spoken or taken for that matter. As a result, EXTRA drama ensues, making things even worse then they need to be. I get that! So….

I guess it’s time for change! I’m a bit worried to get out of my box on this one, guys. GRRR! I guess I will have to man up and get over it. Scary! It does help when people call me. If talking on the phone is your thing and you would rather communicate that way with me, I’m game with that. I will try to answer, just kidding, I will answer. Ha! Ha! It’s so stupid that I’m so shy and reserved about this, but again, I’m still a work in progress. If I end up coming across as a bumbling retard or those awkward silences pop in, be patient and KIND. I shall Fear no one, but the Lord, not even myself!



  1. You may not know this but I also used to fear talking on the phone for the same reasons. But I decided to do. Exactly what you did. No risk, no reward.

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