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Commitment and Contentment

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Image from philmoser.com

Image from philmoser.com

Many people, as well as myself, have issues with both of these. Why? Why do people have commitment phobia or otherwise known as commitment issues? Not just in relationships, but in making decisions. Is it just a way of having to, not have to make a decision? I know many many people who fail in the department of having to make a decision. Basically, because they do not want the responsibility for it. To have to answer for the decision that is made for fear of a bad outcome. Or, could not committing, be an excuse to justify their actions? An easier way to let someone down. Thereby not having to be held accountable for those actions. I guess it would ultimately depend on the person. I believe it stems from those people believing they can always find better, and honestly, you may, but that’s where the second issue comes in… contentment. They both end up coinciding. One that, if done right, can lead to the other.

I totally believe that “commitment phobia” equals weakness and selfishness. Just my opinion. I’m not just talking about relationships, I’m talking about decisions. To always feel like you need to obtain something bigger and better is ridiculous. When would it ever end? It doesn’t. Always something new and exciting to jump on. No pun intended. To never be content with who or what you have right in front of you. YIKES! That would end in a very lonely and desperate life. From my stand point, I want a man that I know is going to be secure and that I know will always be able to take care of me. If that man can not even make a decision, how could that ever be possible? If he is never content, how would I be assured that I would ever be enough, as I am most assuredly NOT perfect? The grass is NOT greener on the other side. Your always going to find issue with something or someone. It comes down to loving people in spite of their flaws. Ok Mandy, if we are to love others in spite of their flaws, then we need to love those people who can not make any commitments, right? Yes, love them, but also help them lovingly to be able to strive for that commitment, thereby resulting in contentment. Commitment is what us grown ups call, being an adult! If you live in fear then you will never find true joy.


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