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“Commandments In The New Testament” and My Thoughts

Book Review

bookcover300I have been reading through Bea Baldridges book “The Commandments In The New Testament Gospels”. I sought after reading this book because I felt that I was missing the component of what “living in Christ” looked like today. I knew that we were no longer bound by the Old Testament laws and rules, but I also knew that we were not to just live how we wanted to live either. Bea’s book clearly helped me to find a direction. It’s not about looking at another person and comparing yourself to them and then thereby condemning yourself or them. It’s about the grace that we have in Jesus Christ. Follow him, love him, live and reside in him. He will guide you. Look to him to be your example, look to him to be your lifeblood, look to him to be your strength. There is so much condemnation in this world, which the vast majority I believe, comes from ourselves. This book helps you realize that God loves us, he forgives us, and most importantly he wants us. So let your mistakes go. Forgive yourself and move on, if it were only that easy, right. It will be a battle. Satan wants nothing more then to hammer you with thoughts of worthlessness, but take a deep look, we’re not worthless, we are loved and cared for everyday by a God who is in control.

This book gives you an in depth view at what it looks like to follow Christ and what it looks like for Christ to love us. God wants us to do good works for everyone around us, but that will not get us into heaven. That will get you a God that is very pleased. Belief in Him, through faith, in the creator of the universe and everything in it, and most importantly, in his son (Jesus Christ) that spilled his blood and died to cover our sins, so that we may have life, eternal life with God. No fountain of youth belief. Faith, Works, Love, and following “The Teachers” lessons, which are clearly pointed out in Bea’s book, are how God wants us to live. There are 205 “Commandments” that Bea has discovered out of the New Testament which help us to define how we are to live. Guidelines of how God wants us to live. Some of these you may already know, some of them you may already be doing, while others you may never have thought of. If you have been searching for answers about how you feel God would want you to live, seek out Bea’s book. I do not feel you will be disappointed. I have been searching for these and am very thankful that I now have them in one book to reference whenever I need. Grow in this faith and be the follower that God calls us to be. Be the least and one day you may be one of the greatest. I encourage you, that if you have been missing something in your faith walk, this book may give you some direction.

Over all I loved this book. So many insight’s, thought’s and research was put into this book. There’s a lot of love in there. You can plainly see that Bea has an abundance of faith in Christ, which she is wanting to share with the world. It is her gift to you and I. The only thing that through me a bit was the King James version of the bible passages that she uses. For me it was a bit hard to follow, but there again she explains things and there is always the option to look those verses up in the version you prefer. Thank you Bea Baldridge for a gem in a dark world. I will continue to read through my book for years to come and share what I can from the insights you provide.



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  1. Mandy, thank you for the fabulous review! I appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. You are an excellent critic!
    I want to post it on my facebook page.

    Thanks again, many thanks. Have an awesome day!

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