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Am I a Christian?



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Image from imgarcade.com

A quick disclaimer before reading on. This is my view point, not my husband’s, not my neighbor’s, not my friend’s, not my parent’s, MINE. If you are going to judge anyone, JUDGE ME!

Let’s get the whammy out of the way, right away. I will no longer categorize or call myself a Christian!

There is way to much judgment with being labeled a Christian, and I’m tired of it. We are to be held to a higher standard, but are we really doing that? Are we holding that higher standard, or are we just like secular society? No, I believe and feel we are just like secular society, most Christians as a whole at least. I also believe, that there are individual exceptions to that. Far and few between, but they are there, and I intend to be one of those exceptions.

I believe convictions, rules, laws, or however you want to define it, are what is rocking the “Christian” world today. Both sides of it. It’s two fold. On one side people are not being held accountable for their actions and words. On the other side people are judging those people for not obeying their own convictions without love, forgiveness and grace. Convictions, or gray areas (as many like to call them), are both the same thing. It comes down to excuses. We humans can justify anything, if we want to, and we do. Myself included. It’s time to step up. The biggest commandment above, thou shalt have no other gods is, Love thy neighbor as yourself. Are we really doing this? All those little gray areas. Are they loving thy neighbor and being pleasing to GOD? I would guess not. On the flip side, what is micromanaging those gray areas doing for us? I could go into listing off huge amounts, but for the sake of a really long read, I will list a couple. Alcohol, dressing, media, etc.

I’m sorry to say that I was one of those, judging people. It was my way or the highway kind of view point and that’s not right. I’m not GOD, nor do I claim to be! I do and will continue to hold people accountable for their actions and words, but there is also grace and forgiveness within that. Hate the sin, not the person. Admonish or hold accountable in love. It’s not about letting the little things go because they add up and one little thing can destroy someone else. It’s about LOVING, and trusting in the person that is doing the correcting or admonishing. Knowing and trusting that, that person is there in love.

I am a bible believer! A lover of GOD, and a believer in JESUS CHRIST and what he did for me! That’s it plan and simple. No labels no categories, just a believer. I’m going to life how I feel GOD wants ME to live. Let your judgments rain down, but it’s time. Time to stand up and do as GOD calls us to do. Love, forgive, accept (not to accept the sin, but to accept the person), encourage, etc. This is my goal! To love all, not just the people that love me.


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  1. Hooray for you!

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