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Boxes and Spaghetti Pathways

Thru out journey’s in my life, I have come to know many people. Some, better then others.


Image from imbalstock.com

Image from imbalstock.com

I have gone thru circumstances that have been difficult and some, not so much. I have come to understand that if I trust and rely on GOD for many things, He as a reward, will bless me with supportive, encouraging and need-meeting people. I believe that GOD has done just that, thru my obedience to him. He has given me an awesome support network today. Which is made up of some really amazing people. Mandy, what does your support network look like? Boxes and spaghetti. What, really?! Yes, I’m serious! Literally, it is many, many boxes that are connected with a ton of spaghetti like pathways. Yummy! What happens within those boxes and spaghetti pathways? All of those amazing people, that GOD has blessed me with for my support network, fit into their own box. Yep, you each have a box within my life. That’s AWSEOME! I Know, Right!

The spaghetti pathways are used when I need to move people around from one box to another. Why would I do that? Two reasons. One is that people change. I CHANGE, for both positive and negative reasons, and as a result the requirements change for the need of that person, and their need for me. Which could result in them moving up or down in the grid of my life.

Two. By Mistake! Yes, I make mistakes, sometimes BIG mistakes, even with this. Reading someone the wrong way or getting a different impression then what reality really is, will do it every time, concluding in said mistake. That does not happen too often to me, but when it does, man that sucks. Total embarrassment then comes into play and I feel really sorry, I mean really sorry. YIKES! That hurts. Mandy, how can putting someone into the wrong box, hurt so bad? One example would be when you put someone in a safe box, when actually that person, is not safe. Not safe, AKA attacking, negative, derogatory, etc.. A second example would be when you put someone in a box that they don’t want to be in. Nuggets, that really sucks! Again, that comes down to reading them wrong. In these emergency situations, the spaghetti pathways are vitally important to move that person quickly to another box or off the grid all together. It all just depends on circumstance.

What’s really fun and exciting, and epically awesome, is when I put people into the right boxes. It feels amazing! It’s at those times when I absolutely feel blessed, loved, cared for, and encouraged. I hope that I give that blessing back to them as well. I also shift people around for positive reasons, within the spaghetti pathways, when I find that I need someone more and when things just click. Moving them to a higher bracket. YEAH! Who doesn’t love a promotion.

How do I determine who goes in which box? Many things determine that. Personality, commonality, circumstances, timing, how they encourage and support me, how I can encourage and support them, the type of impact they make on my life, how I can make an impact on theirs, how I see them, how they see me, etc… It’s very scientific. No, not really! It’s just a matter of where and when GOD places people in my life, and how we mesh.

Like I’ve said before, people need people, no I’m not talking about 24/7, and I believe GOD places certain people in our lives at certain times as blessings and rewards. To be able to change someones life and be apart of helping them grow and change in a positive way, is incredible. I’m so grateful for the people that are apart of my life. To each one of you, just remember, you have been given your very own special little box in my life. Treat it well! Who has which box? That’s confidential, and I’m afraid very bad consequences would incur, if that intel was leaked. Ha! Ha! Thank you! Thank you to all of you who are such rewards in my life, and for your magical life changing love and irreplaceable memories! May I give back to you as much as you have given to me.


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