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About Me

I believe in GOD and his son Jesus Christ. That there is one true GOD, the GOD of the Bible, and that his son Jesus Christ was born a human, lived a perfect blameless life and died to save me from my sins.

I am a GOD fearing, strong, intelligent, very self motivated, driven women who wears her heart on her sleeve and gives all the glory of who I am to GOD.

I am married to a very hard working, intelligent man.

We have six beautiful children. Three boys and three girls. I love my family!

We own three businesses together.

I enjoy staying home and watching movies and/or just hanging out with the people I care about the most. I like family time, as well as extended family time.

I thoroughly enjoy fitness and being in shape. It helps with stress as a stress reliever. Yeah, BONUS!

My heart is for GOD and people: loving, caring, sympathetic, empathetic and much more.

I am very thankful for all the relationships that I have.

A special thank you to my very supportive husband who encouraged me to move forward with this.

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