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Do opposites attract?

Do opposites attract or is it better to have more similarities with people?


relationship (1)I have been thinking about this question for some time and can tell you… I have no idea. It depends on so many different outcomes. In friendships, it is so nice to be able to have many things in common. To be able to know, that when you hangout, or when you talk(or text, ha ha for those of you who know me), you both will have a great time because you both love doing those things.

In a relationship though, it is intriguing to have opposites. A challenge. I like challenges and tend to rise to the occasion. Yep, I’m competitive to. Yikes, watch out! Though, it is vitality important to have the same core beliefs, or in other words, to be equally yoked. Communication must be key in those relationships. My husband and myself are totally different. We do however have the same core beliefs which really helps when the communication is not there. I can also see the benefit of having a relationship where the similarities and the core beliefs are the same. If they are to much the same though, I think I’d get BORED. In familyships (yeah I know it’s not really a word), especially in-law familyships, everything gets thrown out the window and you just find yourself holding on for dear life hoping everyone will just get along or, at least I do. The bonus is when you come across those people in any relationship that are there to truly invest in you. That are there to encourage you. To tell you on those bad days that your beautiful, that it’s going to be OK, that your world is not going to seize, that they love and care for you no matter what. In addition to, you being able to do the same things back for them. That’s a real relationship, no matter what kind it is. No matter the extent of common ground or lack there of, it’s no matter as long as you have communication and a common core beliefs.

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