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In-Laws hazardous to your health?

IN-Laws. UGH! Enough said.

Image from cidutest.wordpress.com

Image from cidutest.wordpress.com

For those that choose to marry, in-laws are something that can not be avoided. Well, they can, but for better or worse they are going to be apart of your life forever. Oh, Happy Day! Everyone has seen the movies where the dreaded in-laws are coming, or when the family is going to the in-laws for a visit. The horror that comes over their faces. YIKES! Shear terror. I’m not just talking about the parents either, siblings and their spouses as well. I am no exception to this. I have in-laws. As I have said before, I was raised extremely different then my husband. My family was more on the liberal side with hardly no faith training. His, more conservative and more faith based. When you combine two different family dynamics, it will always prove to be a challenge. Enter in the CLASH! If you have read my other posts you would have read about the difficulties that I have had. I was nothing like them and they were nothing like me. I was the under dog. Me against the world. No just kidding. Seriously, it was not that bad. There have been a lot of conflicts over the years, but they managed to get worked thru. Some took years, but one at a time they have been dealt with. Hooray! For some reason this year things just clicked. Why? I honestly do not know. Maybe individual growth, maybe love and understanding. Somethings they have changed and some I have. Great! Things are “All Good” then? I wouldn’t say that. I would say it’s a work in progress. Though stressful and frustration sometimes, I love each one of them in their own inquire ways I make a huge effort to invest in each one, and I can now see that each one of them cares and is investing in me too. AWESOME!! Yeah, Good Times! As you can tell I’m not dead, so they can’t be that hazardous to your health. HA HA!

Then there’s the flip side. Instances where people hit it off great right away with their in-laws. My husband would be in that boat. He calls my parents dad and mom. It’s not a perfect relationship, but they clicked. My siblings on the other hand aren’t around much, so there’s not much there. Could there be? Yes, but it would take effort on both ends and I’m not sure either party cares to go there. Oh well, that’s their choice.

Either instance is part of life. Whatever comes at you, you deal with. Patience, forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, and love are the keys to getting thru. As a bonus, if you do these things, it may end up in some pretty dynamic relationships. At least mine has started to look that way.


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