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Faith Myths Section 1

What’s Enough Faith?


Image from darbydugger.com

Image from darbydugger.com

These set of posts are going to be in response to a book that I have been reading, which I will site at the bottom of each post. Yes me, another book. I know right!

Warning! This is going to hit some people the wrong way, and I’m ok with that. I respect your beliefs and opinions, I need you to respect mine.

Here we go:

If I/We just have enough faith (In GOD, In Jesus), GOD will heal, do or fix anything. This book talks about faith in faith, instead of faith in GOD, and the power of positive thinking within a faith in GOD. Yes, positive thinking is VERY good to have, but positive thinking is not what grants you, what you wish for or seek, and having positive thinking while having faith is not going get you those things either. It’s not a genie in a bottle so to speak. The “Without a doubt or any doubts,” kind of faith can be a very dangerous mind set to have. The author states that it is setting up your relationship with GOD for failure, because what happens when he does not give you what you seek or ask for? Did you not have enough faith? Were you not “good enough?” Faith does not mean we will be able to live our lives without trials and tribulations.

Many Christians get sucked into this thinking. That if I pray hard enough, and I have no doubts at all, that if I just think positive, and if I do these things, every that I am plagued with, will turn out in the end to be in my favor. Life will be golden. Where in the bible does it say this? Hebrews 11 talks about this. These men had great faith and yet a portion of them did not receive an all expenses paid easy golden life. Some of them were tortured and killed. Even Jesus who had the most faith anyone could ever have, while hanging on the cross asked GOD to take this cup of suffering, not my will GOD but yours, Jesus spoke. GOD chose not to grant his request and IT WAS JESUS! GOD allowed his will to play out saving the rest of us from an eternity of damnation. It did not make life easy for Jesus. Oh man, someone should have just told Jesus to think more positive or that he needed to pray more, growing in faith and then maybe GOD would have granted his request. REALLY! That’s So Retarded! If we have faith the size of a mustard seed, Matthew 17:20. It does not matter the doubts or concerns that we have, as long as we have faith, and as long as we seek GOD’s will. When we seek GOD’s will, and seek what he wants for us just as Jesus did, is when he starts granting us what we seek.

I have so many real life examples that I could give you, so many things that I have been left with questions as to why. I have faith, I have a lot of faith. The miscarriages, business struggles, my dad’s cancer, my mom’s brain aneurysm, and so many more I can not count. I believe in GOD. I try to do good whenever I can, helping others and going out of my way. I went to church. I got down on my knees and pleaded for ALL of these things, praying that GOD would deliver us from these hardships. That GOD would please breath the breath of life back into my babies, that GOD would allow the scans for both of my parents to come back clean, that our business ventures would yield prosperity. So does that mean that because GOD chose not to give me what I wanted or what I sought and as a result, that I do not have enough faith? That GOD did not love me? I do not believe that for one second, and if I allowed myself to be sucked into that thinking, I would no longer seek to have any kind of relationship with GOD because I would be bitter and angry. I am here to tell you that I was bitter and angry with GOD for a long time, especially over some of these, but over time I have grown and I understand that it was not in GOD’s will for me to be grated these. In all of these life changing circumstances I did not ask GOD for his will. I asked for my will. I asked for him to give me what I wanted/needed to make my life easier. I can not say that I will not end up angry & bitter, if any of these came up again or when I am faced with other hard circumstances in my life and I pray to GOD asking him for resolve, and do not get a positive outcome. I can tell you that I am human. I can tell you that I am capable of forgiving, not that GOD has to be forgiven. I am capable of allowing GOD’s will to work in my life even when it sucks for me.


Source: Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe. By: Larry Osborne


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